Vergil Ortiz shook off the ring rust Saturday night in Texas and absolutely dominated Michael McKinson. Ortiz gave away the first round, but arguably won every other round there after. You could make an argument to give McKinson the 6th round but not because he dominated the round or anything... Ortiz just appeared to conserve his energy and didn't press action much during the round. From rounds 2-5, Ortiz was pressing the attack and landing a lot of body counters and slipping the jabs of McKinson and catching him upstairs. In round 7 he really started to put his foot on the gas and was ripping away at the body with vicious hooks. In round 8, one of those body hooks finally dropped McKinson, who appeared to injure his hip or leg - as he got up favoring his side. McKinson came out in the 9th, got cracked to the same fight again, began hobbling around the ring and before he could get brutalized further, his corner waived the white towel and saved him from further punishment.

McKinson fought how I expected him to, and so did Ortiz. I think McKinson is used to guys just allowing him to do whatever he wants, fight in spurts and box all slick and shit. Vergil wasn't having any of that and took the fight to McKinson and forced him to fight. You could tell from the second round that McKinson wasn't feeling good about his position. He appeared to be fighting scared and looked sloppy. I guess you could make an argument that he just throws punches from really awkward angles, but he looked sloppy. He didn't have an answer and while he kept it competitive in spots - he was no match for Vergil Ortiz Jr.

In the post fight interview, Ortiz was asked if he wanted to fight Terence Crawford Jr and he said if things don't go through for bud with his current negotiations, he'd be happy to fight him. It's an interesting fight where I feel Ortiz has a shot. I'd favor him more if he worked on his head movement and keeping his hands up for counters... but his power is real. He could, in theory absolutely put Crawford to sleep... but I cant confidently pick him to win. I'd be rooting for him though. Imagine Crawford turns down the Spence fight, and loses to Ortiz? That would set up a HUGE money fight in Texas with Errol Spence Jr. It would also be kinda poetic because Crawford need to stop bullshittin, swallow his pride and realize his place in all this. He's the B-Side and he needs to understand that he ain't getting half. If I were Al Haymon, the only way I would agree to giving him a 50/50 purse split is if the fight happened in Dallas, at the stadium, and Spence picked gloves, ring size, everything. Would make him earn every penny of that 50%.

Nut Job Jim CF
August 17, 2022
Ring Side