Ryan Garcia Dominates, Gets KO Win in 6th!

Ryan Garcia was a heavy favorite coming into this fight against Javier Fortuna (who has only been stopped once - and that was in a really close fight that he was winning until he got stopped in the 11th... in 2016). Now, I fully expected Ryan to get the job done tonight, but I didn't expect him to dominate like he did. He didn't lose a single round. It was all Ryan from the opening bell.

Garcia scored a body shot that led to a knockdown in round 4, came upstairs with a knockdown in round 5, and then in round 6, finishes the job, dropping Fortuna with a vicious left hook… Fortuna spits out his mouth piece and the ref counts him out. Totally dominant win.

It’s worthy to note that no one has ever done that to Fortuna. Sosa TKO’d him back in 2016 but that was a very close fight leading up to the 11th round stoppage (All 3 judges had Fortuna winning at time of stoppage), Fortuna didn’t win any rounds tonight.

Ryan defense is still meh but I think that’s what it is at this point. He has length and height advantages vs most of his opponents being 5’10 with 70” reach. I liked how he was using his jab to set up his shots, he was controlling the range, and showed patience, even when he had Fortuna hurt. He didn’t get reckless. It was a good win, an excellent performance that exceeded my expectations for him.

After the fight Ryan called out Tank Davis. I really don’t wanna even entertain that because with them being on different networks, and Floyd being how he is with Tank fighting guys outside pbc/mayweather promotions - it won’t happen. I think it’s a solid 50/50 fight. Whoever lands a clean shot flush first wins Post fight press conference:

Ryan also said he plans to stay at 140. So not sure how Davis fight would work anyways. Yes, Davis has fought at 140 before but I doubt he will move back up for Ryan (even if networks wasn’t an issue). If Ryan truly stays at 140, who would you like to REALISTICALLY see him fight. I think Jose Ramirez is a good fight. I’d imagine they start him out with someone like Pedraza maybe. It’s worth noting that Danielito Zorrilla (co-promoted by Golden Boy and Miguel Cotto Promotions) is at 140 - 16-0 with 12KOs. Maybe Sandor Martin who’s with Matchroom is 40-2, 13 KOs (guy who beat Mikey Garcia) - currently ranked #5 in wbc & wba, #15 in IBF & #7 in WBO. So who will it be. He does have options... and there are 2 vacant belts at 140 (WBC & WBA). I doubt he leapfrogs anyone right now unless they put him against Jose Ramirez out the gate - doubtful.

Rolly Romero had an opinion about a potential Ryan Garcia vs Tank Davis fight (say what you want about him, he is funny as fuck)

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July 28, 2022
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