Nipsey Hussle's Accused Killer Seen Loading a Gun by Witness

Nipsey Hussle was killed in March 2019, and the trial against his accused killer is still taking shape. A witness, who was also the lover of the accused, says she saw a gun being loaded before Nipsey was fatally shot.

The NY Post has the full story:

Bryannita Nicholson, who admitted on the stand that she had been intimate with the shooter, Eric Holder, also testified she heard her former fling say “Did you say I snitched,” before he stormed away from Hussle outside his Marathon Clothing store on March 31, 2019.

Nicholson and Holder, 32, were in the area that day after she drove him to get some food from a restaurant located in the same shopping center as Hussle’s store. While doing so, they saw the rapper.

During her testimony at Los Angeles Superior Court, Nicholson said she was excited to see Hussle, but Holder jumped out of her car first to talk to the 33-year-old rapper.

“I saw him as soon as I turned into the parking lot and I said, ‘Oh, there goes Nipsey! He’s fine! … Eric (Holder) was not wearing a shirt when he got out and he went to Nipsey.”

Nicholson said she heard Holder say to Hussle in a loud voice, “Did you say I snitched,” before walking away from the rapper and two other men.


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