Jarrell Miller earned a unanimous decision over argentinian Ariel Bracamonte who was previously 11-7, 6KOs (5 of those 7 losses by KO). Bracamonte tried to outmuscle the massively out of shape Miller and it worked until Miller found his timing and rhythm. By the end of the fight Miller was landing shots at will, and left Bracamonte a blood mess. Despite him putting a beating on a guy who he would have once knocked out easily, Miller still lost a point in the 4th round for a blatant low blow. For the level he was at, to watching this... it was a cliff dive in performance. The highlights are not worth posting. It was that bad.

What is very alarming to me, and most boxing fans is that Miller came into weigh ins at 341lbs! That's insane. He's only 6'4. Most NFL guards don't even weigh that much. He needs to get on whatever weight loss program Tyson Fury was on because he won't be able to get away with this against top level competition. He also didn't seem to have the same pop he used to have. Now for those of you who are unaware about Miller's situation... he was coming off a 3 1/2 year layoff, 2 of those years being due to a suspension for PEDS. Now this is after he failed multiple drug tests leading up to his fight with Anthony Joshua (he was the guy who was supposed to fight AJ before Andy Ruiz stepped in and whipped his ass). Miller popped for HGH (Human Growth Hormone), steroids, and EPO (erythropoietin - basically like steroids that directly adds to your endurance). So now he comes back after all those steroids and time off and looked like the future spokesperson for subway (eat fresh).

Hopefully he gets his life back on track, and weight under control. I look at this fight and think to myself... where does he go from here? It better be to the gym and a nutritionist or he can kiss his boxing career goodbye!

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Nut Job Jim CF
July 28, 2022
Ring Side