So the fight is cancelled. I can't say I'm that surprised. First it was Jake Paul, as usual being reluctant to sign up for VADA drug testing (the gold standard of drug testing in boxing, and starting to expand into mma as well). He finally signs up for it and Tommy Fury signs the contract. Ever since Fury signed the contract, Jake Paul been talking about how the fight won't happen and how Fury will pull out. To me that doesn't seem like someone who wants to fight, but it does seem like someone who wants all of you to believe he wants the smoke but it will be his opponent fault when he cancels the fight.

The Kinahan Family

If Bob Arum could swing getting Devin Haney's father can get into Australia with a criminal record.... then why the fuck can't Tommy Fury, who doesn't have a record, get into the country. The excuse being floated is that he is signed to MTK Global Promotions (headed by Frank Warren), and at least partially funded by alleged Irish mobster/drug kingpin Daniel Kinahan, who is also one of the co-founders of the promotion. I'm not sure how that's the fighters' fault, or how it links them criminally to anyone. I find the entire situation a bit fugazi.

Now you got Hasim Rahman Jr (12-1, 6KOs) stepping in as the opponent. For those of you who dont know anything about this guy, besides the fact that he's the son of hall of famer and former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman... not much to write home about. All of his opponents leading up to his loss were what most boxing fans would refer to as tomato cans. Now I know some of you think that's disrespectful because if you have the balls to step into the ring bla bla bla ... look we are fuckin sports fans, we are going to call a spade a spade here... his resume is worse than Tommy Fury. He coming off a knockout loss (to the only guy worth a shit that he ever fought) and to make matters worse, he's friends with Jake Paul and is his sparring partner. This worse than Floyd Mayweather fighting his former sparring partner (never even heard of the guy prior) in Abu Dhabi.

Someone tell me. Has a fight ever been cancelled faster than this one? This was the first true 50/50 toss up fight in Jake Paul short career against washed up mma wresters and a basketball player lol. What's going on? Is Hasim Rahman a real boxer? Technically yes. Would anyone even know who he is if not for his father - hell no. Same thing with Tommy Fury but at least Fury has the size and physical advantages and showed in his last fight against a 10-1 opponent, that he can beat someone other than back alley drunks. Jake Paul needs to step it up. The only thing I commend Jake Paul for is putting my fellow Brooklynite, Amanda Serrano in the spotlight where she belongs. Other than that, it's a circus. I give him credit for being able to accomplish what he has, but pure skills wise... Eddie Hearn was right, this dude ain't beating no champions.

Nut Job Jim CF
September 19, 2022
Ring Side